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For over 22 years I've felt privileged to have been elected by the residents of Fairview Heights to represent them in various City Council positions. I was first elected as an Alderman and represented my constituents, of the ward I represented, as their independent spokesman advocating for their needs. 

Following my position as Alderman, I was elected to serve as City Treasurer. As Treasurer I was the “Chief Financial Officer” for the city, where I developed financial strategies, managed our cities budget of $24M, and automated the budget process.  I led this community, financially, through some of the most difficult economic times while maintaining and managing our annual budget - all with:

· NO Employee Lay offs
· NO reduction of services for our residents
· NO city property taxes 

Then, in 2011, I made the decision to seek election to the office of City Clerk - a position I currently hold.   I am the only individual in the history of the city to hold all three elected positions.   This is why, I believe that my 22 years of public service, combined with my 30 years of private sector leadership, management and financial experience truly make me the ideal candidate to represent and lead our community as Mayor!

While I have truly appreciated the opportunity the citizens have given me to represent them, I know it's time to step up and run for mayor now that Gail has decided to retire. I am excited about taking this next step and am honored to share the goals and objectives of my mayoral platform.

I've been listening to our residents over the last 22 years and the word that keeps coming up in these conversations is "UNITY". This is why I have chosen the word to sum up my mayoral campaign, by taking each letter and breaking it down - explaining what is important to the city.

UNITE...and bring our community together! This means working closely with our citizens and our business community. Also, and what I think is critical, is working together with all members of the City Council as one collective and collaborative team for the betterment of our community!  I have proven while serving as treasurer and clerk that I have the ability to work with all of our elected officials, directors and staff, as well as, working with local, state and various community leaders.

NEIGHBORHOODS...and investment in our community to ensure that we maintain a safe and enjoyable place:

-- To live and raise our families
-- To v
isit, shop, dine and explore all that we have to offer
-- To protect our property values
-- To build for our future generations

INFRASTRUCTURE...and improved services for our citizens like:

-- R
esidential street improvement and upgrades
-- E
xpanding sidewalks for pedestrian safety
-- Supporting continued sewer expansion
-- Addressing storm water and flooding issues
-- Enhancing our parks, fitness trails and programs
-- Expanding programs and services for our seniors and youth
-- Improving access to city services for all residents

TACKLING...the tough issues by:

-- Addressing our traffic and congestion
-- Focusing on f
iscal management to ensure our financial stability
-- Balancing residential and business growth
-- Supporting our police department and our public safety initiatives
-- Working with the townships and fire districts that support our community
-- Pro-Actively supporting regional initiatives to retain SAFB

YOU...are the most important, because:

-- People come first
-- Listening to our citizens should be one of our top priorities
-- It’s about the citizens of our community, not about Big Government

-- It’s about respecting every member of our community

While I have many great ideas & plans on how to tackle all the above issues, I know that our community is full of residents that also have great ideas. That is why I am establishing a Citizens Advisory Board, made up of citizens from all wards. This will ensure I have an open ear and communicate with our residents. This board will be completely independent of the City Council, and will provide me direct input and feedback on ways that we can improve our community for it's residents and guests.

Simply put, As Mayor...

--- I will
...be committed to our citizens
--- I will...keep your best interests in mind
I will...maintain open two-way communication
​--- I will...ensure that our staff is
responsive and accountable

--- I will...work closely with local business, community leaders, and all members of the City Council & staff
--- I will...operate with Integrity, as I always have

Please help spread the word by telling your friends and neighbors that you feel I am the best candidate for Mayor. Check back often, as the election progresses, and I will explain how I plan to incorporate my platform into our community.

One parting note...Our community is made up of families from all generations. My goal is bring us together as one family committed to the well being of Fairview Heights.

* U N I T Y *

Thanks in advance for your support,