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19 Jul 14 - Press Conference @ Pleasant Ridge Park: 

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"Fairview Will Get A New Mayor - Long serving Gail Mitchell says he won't run again, backs the city clerk as his replacement" - BND, 20 Jul 2014


"Kupsky experience in city hall and ability to reach both sides of the table make him the ideal candidate." - Terry J.


"Congrats Mark Kupsky, Fairview Heights will be lucky to have U for mayor" - May M. 


"Good Luck, Mark! You'll make an excellent mayor." - Penny S.


​"You've got my vote Mr. Kupsky!!!! Fairview will be lucky to have you as their mayor!! Best of luck!" - Sherry T.


"Go Kup! Fairview Heights is moving UP with Mark Kupsky!!" - Justin S.


"Best of luck Mark! You are the perfect man for the job" - Kristie N.


"Way to go, Mark! You'll be a great mayor!!!" - Laura S.


"Go Mark Kupsky!!!!! - Hank B.


"Way to go Mark..You probably know more about FV than anyone I know." -  Judy R.


"Love this guy. Hoping Fairview votes him the next Mayor!" - Kendra L.

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9 Aug 14 - Fairview Heights Homecoming Parade: 

20 Jul 14 - Mayoral Announcement in the Belleville News Democrat:

31 Jul 14 - Fairview Heights Tribune Article:

More to follow...