Believe it to not, Mark actually began helping the community of Fairview Heights , at age 11, when his family moved here from East St. Louis in 1972. First, Mark became a paperboy for the Metro East Journal. Then at age 13, Mark became an active volunteer in the Fairview Heights Homecoming Association - later serving as its treasurer for 9 years. To think...after being involved with many organizations over the past 40 years, Mark is still dedicated to serving the people of Fairview Heights.

Mark began his political career in 1987, at age 27, when he was elected Alderman of what was then Ward 3. After the city was redistricted - Mark was elected as Alderman for Ward 2 in 1997. Mark served his fellow citizens as an Alderman for a total of 7 years.  

From there, Mark has held two other positions within the city council. Mark was elected City Treasurer and held office from 2000 - 2011. Then in 2011, Mark ran and was elected as the City Clerk where he has served ever since. 

From all this experience and after speaking with many local/state officials - Mark has prepared himself with the experience necessary to serve as Mayor. As Mayor, Mark believes it is important to build a cohesive team of city council members that are dedicated to the citizens of Fairview.  We're sure all of Mark's supporters agree that his vast experience speaks for itself and that Mark is the best candidate for the 2015 mayoral election.

​Mark's experience is vast and while we could write pages of his accomplishments, we will just focus on a few. As a Homecoming Association Volunteer, Mark's contributions helped build the pavilions at Moody Park, assisted with the building of restrooms at Moody and Pleasant Ridge Parks, and improved fitness trails while adding lights to the ball field at Moody Park - besides volunteering for many homecoming events and parades.

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As Alderman, Mark supported many items of legislation that benefited the citizens of Fairview. From being an avid supporter of the annual Art Fair, creation of senior and youth programs, to the development of housing standards that helped protect property values. Mark was also a staunch advocate AGAINST a city real estate tax and felt it was important to stay close to the residents by holding ward meetings with the citizens he represented to understand their needs/concerns and provide updates on city initiatives.

As Treasurer, Mark was responsible for more than just balancing the city's budget. Mark also took charge of his position and created redevelopment strategies for multiple sites including the original Target site, Crossroads plaza, Lincoln Place II, Shoppe’s at St Clair, as well as multiple freestanding sites. Mark didn't stop there as he negotiated financial incentive packages and tax rebate programs, refinanced the cities debt to take advantage of lower interest rates - saving the taxpayers money, and developed an $8M financial strategy for the construction of the new police department, sewer expansion, storm water drainage and Olges creek improvements. It's fair to say that Mark is always looking for ways to save the taxpayers time and money since he also developed financial, bond investment, and re-financing Strategies as well as Automating/Modernizing the City’s annual Budget process.

Since 2011, Mark was elected to serve as the City Clerk where he manages 4 full time staff members while being engaged with elected officials and staff. Mark also devised a way to provide online access to City Council agendas and meeting minutes, manages the city insurance plans, maintains the cities official records, serves as the city collector, and responds to residents requests for information.

In addition to serving the community for over 40 years, Mark has also proven himself as an accomplished professional while serving with a major telecommunications company since 1985. Mark's professional experience has consisted of leading teams of various sizes, development of programs/initiatives, managing/developing forecasts, future projections, and budgets. Mark has excelled while being involved with hiring, developing, and managing hundreds of individuals while leading revenue initiatives in excess of $300M.

Mark's Proven leadership and management experience in his professional and political careers have brought him to where he is now. Mark is READY to serve as YOUR Mayor!

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